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Jordy Christo
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We are here to  help you with SEO ( search engine optimization), Adsense, affiliate programs and many other topics relating to Homestead website users. Inside you will discover that we have provided you with reputable products for getting higher rankings with search engines, making money online  and designing your  Intuit Site- Builder pages.  Affiliate programs are a great way to make revenue online so we have provided marketing companies that help you succeed in your internet adventures.

Join the marketing center and get the SEO Extreme Video Series (search engine optimization lessons), Sitemap Tutorials, Beginners Videos Series, six eBooks, loads of our video lessons for using the Intuit Site Builder and access to top Internet marketers' websites.

You will discover valuable information that has helped  users achieve better site-designs, increased revenues, and higher search engine rankings.

There are many ways to customize your websites that are not included in the Site Builders help section. We provide professional techniques and secrets that you can use to make your site unique. For instance,  one of our sections provides HTML codes  for  Homestead websites-users which will enhance your abilities to customize web designs. 

Help for Intuit Homestead Website Users-Sitebuilder SEO

Homestead Website Sitebuilder Products

Homestead Websites Products to Help With the SiteBuilder

Our Homestead website products are designed to help you achieve greater success.  You will enjoy videos about working with the Site Builder program-videos teaching you how to select keywords  and top ranking phrases. You will learn from special SEO  tutorials specifically designed  for Homestead users to achieve top rankings in the SERPS (search engine results pages).  Many of these items reveal certain methods that are common only to the Site Builder program. We are here to help you expand your knowledge and increase your abilities so that you will be in the forefront of your particular niche or in the promoting your  Internet business.

Enjoy free videos revealing secrets that the professionals use to create top-notch web pages.

Get higher  rankings with search engines by learning techniques that can only be used with the Intuit/Homestead Site Builder program.

Learn special HTML codes and how to apply them to your web pages.

These Website products for Homestead users are unique to the Site Builder program. The pages are  filled with valuable information designed especially to help you achieve success while using the Site Builder.

Thousands of hours of studying how to archive a level of excellence on the Internet have been compressed into top-rated products for Homestead websites users to enjoy all in one place.
All of  this  sites  contents are  copy written materials and may not be copied or used with out written permission
This web site is not owned by Intuit/Homestead it is owned and operated by a Homestead user.

How to Build a Homestead Website Using "Site Builder"

I'll never forget when I first began to work with the Sitebuilder program. I looked everywhere for  information which would teach me how to build a Homestead website. Now that I have become extremely familiarized with how everything works, I've decided to put together a large number of resources that will help Intuit website users learn how to build a website using the SiteBuilder. Make sure to check out the video series; Creating a Website For The SiteBuilder Beginner. You will find that I publish regular articles which teach methods of building webpages that get positive results.  Some are related to making money online and others are  developed to inform Homestead/Intuit website users about many of the secrets I've learned about using the Site Builder.

All of our products, designed to help you as an Intuit Homestead Site Builder user, come with our customer satisfaction guarantee. If you are not pleased with the products or service that you have received from the Homestead Users website we will issue a full refund.
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Homestead Website Help
Hi Jordy,

I just wanted to let you know that your first SEO tutorial was excellent. I learned exactly what I needed. After I complete the SEO, I am going to be working on getting more traffic to my site. And, getting sales.


Jordy, hoping all is well. Again, I appreciate the links so much :) I have been very busy with my website. Thanks to you and your SEO tips, so far I've been indexed in Google, Yahoo,  Alta Vista, and Lycos!

Hi Jordy,

I have learned a great deal of your SOE program I downloaded and it has brought my website up higher then I could have thought was possible creating it myself.

Kind regards, Tina
Intuit Sitebuilder
"We are so grateful to have found Homestead Users.  As tutors, we knew very little about web development and we struggled to get our website submitted to search engines.  When we began we didn't know what html tags were or how search engine marketing or keywords worked.  Homestead Users provided that vital information in a way we could understand because its specifically designed for Sitebuilder users.  We saved a lot of time and money, fixed huge mistakes, and dramatically increased our search engine ranking by following Jordy's instruction.  Don't wait, do it right the first time and get Homestead Users before you start building your website so that when you are done your customers can actually find you."

Your tutorial lead me to a whole new arena of the internet and I've been having a blast exploring it......the prospect of making some money at it isn't hurting either.

You guys doing this are all so young, as a retired guy I feel like the elderly internet entrepreneur, I think I'll exploit that a bit.

Thanks again.

Best, Steve
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Providing  quality website  products to help  Homestead  users.

All of Our Products Come With a 100% Satatisfaction Guarantee
Testimony: "I was looking for a low cost do it yourself SEO solution for my Intuit website and ran into Homestead Users SEO Extreme Videos and Sitemap products.  I recently purchased these two products and I was amazed with how fast these suggestions improved our online presence.  Within two weeks of implementing their suggestions, I noticed marked improvement in getting new clients through our website and seeing my website appear on first page search results. I am working on building more back links for my website utilizing their suggestions and I am confident this will further improve my website rankings and online presence."  Cerberus Arms