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SEO Extreme Video Series
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I understand that I will have full access to: the SEO Extreme Video Series, the Sitemap Tutorial, the Beginners Video Series, all articles (that are in one place), the special, elite marketing center video-library,  the free ebooks and loads of links to free webmaster tools.
Get Higher Rankings With Google, Yahoo & MSN
Rank higher with Google, Yahoo and MSN by structuring your SiteBuilder pages correctly.
Learn what could be hindering your chances of being seen by the search engines and how
to avoid never being found on the Internet.
SEO Extreme Video Series                 
2 Videos-1 Audio-PDF File (Quick guide)
SiteMap Tutorial            
I give you easy-to-follow instructions on how to succeed at having an effective sitemap working with your SiteBuilder and Google's system.  This tutorial about adding a site map to Homestead websites is packed with knowledge that I gained from hands on experience.
By following my sitemap system, you will get more pages indexed by the search engines and that will result in more traffic.
Articles In One Place
Get the complete list of links to all of the articles that I have  written about working with the Homestead website "SiteBuilder"-generating traffic and making money with affiliate programs like Adsense, Clickbank and Kontera.
SiteBuilder Beginner Video Series        
Specifically designed to teach the beginner how to use the features inside SiteBuilder. Learn from eight videos on how to save  loads of time in learning how to use the features inside of the SiteBuilder.
8 More unique training videos-which teach beginner SiteBuilder techniques that will save you many hours of frustration.
You will learn from articles about using the SiteBuilder, setting up affiliate programs, generating traffic, search engine optimization and interacting in the Internet world.
Marketing Center Video Library
Currently there are 9 additional video links  related to working with the Homestead Website  SiteBuilder program-making the total amount of videos  related to Internet marketing and the SiteBuilder 19.
Links to 9 more of my best YouTube videos about working with the SiteBuilder. I'll include many other links to excellent videos from top Internet marketers that I have found.
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SEO Extreme Video Series
SiteBuilder Beginner Video Series
Sitemap Tutorial
All article links; currently 50 total
SEO & SiteBuilder Beginner Series; 10 private videos in collectively total
Links to 9 of my YouTube videos about SiteBuilder
Links to excellent videos that I have found about Internet marketing & SEO
Links to the best SEO & webmaster forums and instructionals I have discovered.
Links to top directories to obtain free backlinks from
Links to many free tools to help with your website building.
  Photo Editors
  Video Screen Recorder
  Browser Checkers
  Keyword Density Checkers
  Forums &  Blogs
HTML codes to use with the SiteBuilder
Proof: Top Ranking Statistic
Loads of links to quality-free webmaster tools to help you succeed
Ebooks 1) Ebay secret tricks 2) Adsense Empire 3) 10 Basics for starting an online business 4) Traffic 5) SEO Introduction

Jordy Christo
P. O. Box 51623
Sarasota Fl, 34232
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Marketing Center Product Testimonials
Jordy, hoping all is well. Again, I appreciate the links so much :) I have been very busy with my website. Thanks to you and your SEO tips, so far I've been indexed in Google, Yahoo,  Alta Vista, and Lycos!

Hi Jordy,
I just wanted to let you know that your first SEO tutorial was excellent. I learned exactly what I needed. After I complete the SEO, I am going to be working on getting more traffic to my site. And, getting sales.


Hi Jordy,

I have learned a great deal of your SOE program I downloaded and it has brought my website up higher then I could have thought was possible creating it myself.

Kind regards, Tina

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        Adsense Impire 

        Starting an Online Business

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