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Intuit Homestead Website Review

There are many more advantages of using the Homestead website company for building Internet pages than disadvantages. If you have been using the SiteBuilder and interacting with the support staff for  any length of  time,  then you  understand how simple the system is to use and how efficient the staff members are.

The tech support is amazing!
I can never remember a time when I called the companies tech support  and did not receive top-quality professional service. The answers to my questions about using the Site Builder program,  for the most part, have been very accurate. Any issue that may have arisen was resolved in an expedient manner.

The text help section is easy to understand
A few  times,  as I was learning how to do special things with the website creator, I had to refer to the help section. What I discovered is that the content is well written and easy to understand.

You really can start building a website in minutes
For the person just learning how to build a website,  the Homestead SiteBuilder provides an easy to use point, click and drag system. No HTML code knowledge or study is required.

There are hundreds of templates to choose from. They are very organized into various categories so it is easy to find one to work with your market niche. Templates are available for musicians, doctors, dentists, real estate companies, restaurant, and hundreds of others.

Build your pages by starting with a blank page
You can completely design and build your web page from scratch.

The learning center is packed with useful information
Everything that you need to get  started and pointed in the right direction is available in the learning center. Once you have a handle on the basics there are plenty of materials to move you into an intermediate level of building Intuit/Homestead websites.

The newsletter or email list feature is such an added bonus
I use the newsletter feature to collect opt in email addresses and then send out newsletters and daily readings to thousands of subscribers with a couple of simple to use operations. This is a giant plus for this website creator package. Other hosting companies do not have this benifit.

The five fully operational email accounts are wonderful
Included in  the package I have,  the Homestead website company provides me with five email accounts. This means that if I have five .com domains,  I have an email system for each one. Here's an example of what I mean if I have a site called,  I can have an email account named <>.

The Real Tracker Statistics updates instantly
If you use Google Analytics you have to wait 24 hours to view your websites traffic statistics. The free Real Tracker statistics program provides instant updates on what is happening with your websites traffic. This system is extremely informative and easy to use too.

Everything in the Intuit/Homestead main account and the Site-Builder has a simple and clean design. None of the pages inside your main account are designed to cause the user to sift through hundreds of different options to find what your looking for. The other thing I like is the page designs don't have flashing things all over trying to grab your attention.

The  blog
The "in house" blog provides excellent insight into using the many of the features available inside the SiteBuilder but the information that is posted there is not limited to just what the company offers its users. There is information about other useful resources on the Internet that can be integrated with their system to help us achieve success on the Internet.

Paypal is so easy to implement
Once you set up an account with Paypal the SiteBuilder has an Icon that you click and “BAM” you can set up a way for visitors to purchase your products quickly and easily. 

Photo Library
This is a high quality library of photos which includes thousands of totally free pictures that you can add to you pages. The system also has a built in photo optimization feature so you can change the file size of your pics.

Creating forms
Inside  the Site-Builder,  you can custom make forms for your website visitors to submit information with. This feature is easy to use and provides webmasters with large text boxes, single line text boxes, a drop down menu, check boxes, submit buttons, reset buttons and several other options to choose from. All of the information gathered from your visitors gets send to you email account of choice. 

The Homestead website builder member Forums
This is an extremely useful community of  Intuit SiteBuilder users and professional web designers who are available to help with any questions that are related to creating an Internet presence. It's also a wonderful place to make friends too. It is an unlimited informational source for people who want to advance in their website building skills.

This review of the Homestead website builder company and the SiteBuilder program does not even touch the surface of the hundreds of benefits and features that this company provides to its users. I did not mention the RSS capabilities which allow you to add blog feed URLs and display them on your website. I did not give the details of how easy it is to add Adsense or Youtube videos to your pages either. The web builder comes equipped with audio tools, the ability to upload HTML files, word documents, PDF files and many photo effects. Every website builder has its own DNA, so to speak, and this one is loaded with many easy to use features  and simple to understand website design methods.
My views about the Intuit Homestead website Creator 

The many advantages of using the Homestead website companies services

You have covered pretty much everything, and I completely agree. Homestead leaves nothing to complain about. They could justifiably charge much more than they do.

Responses to article
I just signed up with Homestead and have managed to build an acceptable site in a day or so. HOWEVER, I am having great difficulty with publishing it on Intuit which is partnering with them. Can't figure out how to simply remove unwanted published pages and replace with new ones. I can't believe that there is not an easy way to edit your website easily with the host. I am frustrated!

Yeah i agree they are an amazing web host. So much is included in the price and there recent update on space/bandwidth is great !
We just had a tech person build our website on Homestead and then it was turned over to me (non-techie)and there were some things involving domains, etc. that I didn't know about and the Homestead staff was GREAT!!  I can't believe how patient and long suffering they were with my questions :-)

Thanks for all the assistance to the staff Homestead our site is up and running!

First off, this is the first time ever trying to build a web site.  I tried several different web site builders prior to finding Homestead.  None of them compare with the ease of use and customer support Homestead provides.  Any time I had an issue or question, I would call support and they were more then happy to help answer my questions without high pressure sales pitches trying to get me to purchase more then what I needed.  I have found a home for my web site with Homestead!
"The Music Doctors DJ's
I love Homestead! The techs are so great and helpfull. I build a website and storefront. My business is up and running! Homestead makes it easy and affordable.

Debra Steele
I have been using Homestead to produce and host my business website.  It is effortless in every way. I have been using homestead for about 4 years now and have never once had a problem with the site or the many companies can you say that about in today's day and age?!  Keep up the great work, Homestead!!!
I recently read an article from someone who shared some things they were not pleased with about the Homestead website company. Review the following things that I personally like about using the SiteBuilder and interacting with the companies team of employees.
Free Trial
Once your free trial has expired and you are satisfied with your review of the Intuit  Homestead website builder, if you sign-up for six months or longer I will receive a commission from the Intuit company for referring you to their website creator service.

Homestead made the impossible possible for Ron Meese Painting, Inc.  I always wanted a website but didn't have time or money to have one done!

Homestead made  it reasonable price-wise and simple to do.  I did it myself in  a few hours.  Now I have web exposure and I have a website anyone would be proud of. 

Thank you Homestead!  Ron Meese, Ron Meese Painting, Inc.


I have been with Homestead now for 8 years. The sitebuilder program is easy to use for a beginner, but has so many features that even seasoned webmasters
use it to achieve highly professional designs. My site which helps people to increase their height
through special exercises; was made in only a few hours and ranks well
in Google and Yahoo! It can be updated from anywhere simply by downloading the free sitebuilder.
As my technical web building ability has grown, I have used the more advanced features within sitebuilder
to keep ahead of my competitors within the search ranking shown by the major search Engines.


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I've been using Intuit/Homestead since
2004. This is an excellent website building program for small business and hobby websites. Two thumbs up for this hosting company.