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Tutorial-Adding A Site Map To Homestead SiteBuilder Website

Website Designer Shares His Experience

I give you easy-to-follow instructions on how to succeed at having an effective sitemap working with your SiteBuilder and Google's system.  This tutorial about adding a site map to Homestead websites is packed with skilles that I gained from hands on experience.
Generation: You will get easy-to-follow instructions for generating a free XML-Sitemap that will work with the SiteBuilder program. It's a three-step process that is very simple to accomplish. No HTML knowledge is necessary.
More Pages Means More Traffic
Here's The Deal:
Adding It To Homestead: Once you have created it, there are six more things that have to be done to complete the addition to your SiteBuilder program. Here again when you follow along with someone who knows what they are doing the way to add a sitemap to a  Homestead Website is really simple.  Trust me; I really hate it when webmasters tell you that something is "really simple." If it wasn't true,  I would not mislead you to think differently. Besides, if you have can always contact me to assist in answering your questions.
Add it to Goole: I provide you with the URL to where you can  create a free account for uploading  your Homestead Websites  sitemap to  Google's system.  It's a seven-step cake-walk that will be no problem to master in minutes. Everything that they do is designed for simplicity and by following my lead,  it will become even easier to accomplish this part of the process.
Verify Your Site: Inside of the Webmasters Tools that Google has  provided, there is a way to monitor your websites' activities by reviewing  explicit details that the system generates. In order for the monitoring system to work with your Homestead website, you must add a special code in the SiteBuilder. You guessed it- I walk you through this process as well.
Trouble Shooting: Here is where I address some of the questions that I've found answers to when I was learning how to get a sitemap working properly with my Homestead Website.  I address questions like:
"Why aren't all of my sitemap pages being  indexed?"

"What causes broken links?" and "Should I be concerned about them and how can I find and fix a link that is broken?"
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By Following My System, You Will Get More Pages Indexed By The Search Engines

Successful Site Map Instructions For homestead Websites

Adding Homestead Websites Sitemap To Google

How to Add a Sitemap to a Homestead Website and Why You Need One
This is going to be a three-step process that will dramatically affect how many pages get noticed by the major search engines. There are about fifteen things inside of the Sitebuilder that must be done properly and having an XML site map included in your web development is critical to your success.

These are the three things I teach you in the tutorials for your Intuit website:

1) How to create the sitemap

2) How to add it to your Homestead Website account

3) How to get it registered with Google

These tutorials will teach you everything you need to know in relation to getting your sitemap working properly and notifying Google.

Once you understand the procedure for adding this important feature to your Homestead/Intuit website, it will only take a few minutes to add one or to update an existing one to your site.

Why You Need One:

I can only speak from my own experience as to what happened once I added a sitemap to my Homestead Sitebuilder account.

1) I got more pages indexed by Google

2) More website traffic started coming to my pages.

For the minimal amount of money and a very small investment of your time, you can get the XML map for your Intuit/Homestead website created, uploaded and registered with Google.

These sitemap lessons are easy-to-follow along with and will give you step-by-step information on adding the correct data in the proper places.
  Sitemap Tutorial