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SEO Extreme Videos Creator Designed For Homestead Users

Step-By-Step  Sitebuilder Video Instructions
I take you right inside of the Site Builder Program and show you,  step-by-step,  exactly what you need to do in order to  get high rankings with Google, Yahoo and Bing.  It's  SEO Extreme.
Audio Lesson: Introducing you to the important elements that comprise search engine optimization. There is a special section on choosing keywords and keyword phrases.
Here's The Deal
Video One: Will teach you how your page names should be saved. You'll learn specific keys about your internal navigation menu that are vital to achieving successful rankings.  Also you will learn how to  add H1 & H2 header tags and the HTML codes that allow you to adjust the sizes and colors. Learn where your key words should be placed on your pages and off of the pages. I discuss how your content should be written.  Learn what you may be  doing wrong with your photos,  why your pages are not being picked up by the search engines and how to change them so that they have a better chance of being indexed. I'll show you how to use the "advanced properties editor" and teach you how to enter special codes that the search engines look for to determine what the most important phrases are on your page. I'll teach you about the properties editor's "Page Title, Meta Tags & Keyword" text boxes. You'll  detailed instructions  on how you should write your content in these area.
Video Two gives specific instructions about how all of your internal links should be named. You must learn this for better SEO results.  I'll teach you about anchor links and anchor text links and why they are important to the process of  optimizing Homestead websites. Have you ever heard about Google's page-ranking system? You'll learn what role it plays in getting higher placements with the search engines. I go into great detail about external links, even taking you to websites and teaching you the easiest methods for creating free  quality external links.
A step-by-step,  easy to follow guide outline to use as a reference while you are building your website. Once you have watched the videos,  this simple,  one page-sheet will become one of the most valuable parts of this offer. 
I provide a list of links to websites that will help you succeed in optimizing your pages for search engines. You'll learn about keyword density and receive a link to a great site to analyze your pages for free.  You'll get the link to, what I consider to be, the best keyword selector tool available. 
SEO Extreme Introductory offer: $19
Jordy Christo
P.O. Box 51623
Sarasota, Fl 34232
Achieving better rankings with search engines and using SEO techniques with  a  Homestead website is easy once you discover the special keys that unlock the doors to improve SEO-using the Site Builder program. I have invested literally hundreds of hours studying information related to search engine optimization. I have become very successful at gaining first-page placements. These videos will give you step-by-step methods on how to optimize your pages for top results.
Intuit/Homestead Website Optimization Videos

Apply SEO; Get Top Rankings with a Homestead Website

When I first began to learn about SEO and  how to get high search engine rankings with Homestead websites, I was amazed at what happened. After I learned many of the techniques I share in these videos and made changes to my existing pages, my results  went straight to the top of Google, Yahoo and Bing. These secrets that I share will save you many hours of frustration and research relating to getting to the top of the search engines' results pages. There is a method that must be applied to your pages in order to succeed at online marketing. I show you step-by- step what these methods are and how to make them to work in your favor.
Hi, my name's Jordy Christo. This SEO course for Intuit/Homestead  website users will deliver the  proper SEO techniques you need to get more traffic.
Rank higher with Google, Yahoo and Bing by structuring your SiteBuilder pages correctly. Learn what could be hindering your chances of being seen by the search engines and how
to avoid never being found on the Internet.
Limited Time offer: $19
Instant Access
Instant Access
Who Wants to GO Higher With Search Engines
Hi Jordy,

I just wanted to let you know that your first SEO tutorial was excellent. I learned exactly what I needed. After I complete the SEO, I am going to be working on getting more traffic to my site. And, getting sales.

Hi Jordy,

I have learned a great deal of your SOE program I downloaded and it has brought my website up higher then I could have thought was possible creating it myself.

Kind regards, Tina
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Jordy, hoping all is well. Again, I appreciate the links so much :) I have been very busy with my website. Thanks to you and your SEO tips, so far I've been indexed in Google, Yahoo,  Alta Vista, and Lycos!
Optimization Specialist

Homestead Website SEO Video Tutorials

Intuit/Homestead Users Can Learn SEO  Fast
I needed a website built to start up my new business venture. That happens to be guitar lessons in the Sarasota, Florida area. I had heard that Jordy builds websites and that he’s really good at getting top rankings on the search engines of Google, Yahoo and other various search engines-so I decided to give him a try. I have to tell you that I was NOT disappointed!

Within 2 weeks when somebody searched for guitar lessons in my particular city, I was showing up on the front page of all these different search engines. I was so pleased! Business has been coming in and I have to tell you…if you go with Jordy, you will NOT be disappointed!
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